We've been growing blueberries in Oregon for decades. 
Part of what makes us different from other growers is that we have complete quality control at every stage of the process.  We're the grower, picker, packer and shipper.
"Since 1919 . . ."
That's been the farms slogan for generations now.  We are a family owned, family ran and family oriented farm.  We grow not only Blueberries, but also Hazelnuts and Grass-seed.  We have a varied background in different agricultural fields and are always looking to the future.

This web-site is dedicated at giving you a partial view into our blueberry operations.  We hope you enjoy looking through our web-site and if you want to get a better look at other aspects of our farm, please visit our Farm web-site at www.gingerich.com,
Blueberry Research!!
Sustainability Award
This site is currently under construction with only partial content available at this time.
June 2017 Frozen Blueberry Sale